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Responsible Water Usage

Stay green and stay responsible.  Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins is committed to helping you use less water and still get the most out of every drop.  Drought and water restrictions are a part of life here in Colorado, and our lawn experts will help you prepare for them and utilize your water correctly when they occur.

We recommend getting our core aeration and Revive treatment every year to prevent initial run off. vThese services protect the environment from runoff, and keep more water on your lawn by preventing evaporation.

During the summer season, we will help set your sprinkler system correctly so you only water when the restrictions allow.  It is best to water a little early in the morning and then again early in the evening.  Spacing out your watering like this allows more water to soak into your lawns root system, enabling it to stay greener.

In the last few years, Northern Colorado has felt the harsh reality of unseasonably warm, dry winters.  If Mother Nature is keeping all of that precious snow for herself, we can professionally winter water your lawn, trees, and shrubs.  Winter watering provides vital hydration to your yard and saves you the time and hassle of getting out the hose and then draining it so doesn’t freeze.

Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins’ watering service can keep your trees and shrubs healthy despite drought with our deep root watering service.  We recommend watering once or twice a month if the snow refuses to fall.  Call us.  We will help you understand your plants and their winter watering needs.

From Our Clients

"We have been a Lawn Doctor customer for five years. The Lawn Doctor staff is professional, friendly, and provides the absolute best care and service. Our lawn is beautiful, our trees are perfectly pruned and shaped, and the perimeter pest control has wiped out the spiders in our home. Thanks to Lawn Doctor – we now have a beautiful landscape, and more time to just enjoy it!"
- The Grants, Fort Collins

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