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Big Summer Blowout: It’s time to schedule your Sprinkler system maintenance

“Yoo-hoo?! Big Summer Blowout.” If your kids have made you watch Frozen one too many times you might hear this phrase and cringe. When the Professionals at Lawn Doctor use it we are referring to your sprinkler system.

That’s right Blowing out your sprinklers is key to keeping you from pulling your hair out when you try to get them going again next spring. Not only is it important for you to get them done, it’s even better to get them done by the professionals at lawn Doctor.

The Ice Queen

Just like Elsa’s icy blasts brought chaos to Arendale, ice will work its wicked way on the sprinklers and the rest of your irrigation system. When water freezes, it also expands and the plastic or metal tubing that makes up your system becomes brittle. Together, this is a deadly combination for your system causing it to break, crack, and leak. You can save hundreds of dollars over the life of your system by properly blowing out your system every fall before the first frost hits, because there won’t be any water left in your system to freeze over.

Trust the Pros

There are a lot of people who insist that blowing out the irrigation system is a do-it-yourself project. While we give kudos to those who do so, we also want you to know that it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help. – Here at Lawn Doctor, We encourage it.

First, don’t trust those automatic drains or values they never do a complete job. Second, your sprinkler system has more than just sprinkler heads, a water source and tubing it has intricate bits that you will want to thoroughly blow out to save on repairs later.

There are a variety of different systems that may take different air pressure and different care. At lawn doctor our professionals take out the guess work and get the system cleared the first time. We are through and make sure to blow the system out twice and shut it off properly, ensuring that the only water you will see on your sprinkler heads is from the newly falling snow.

So stop guessing, and Let it go, Lawn Doctor is here to help.

What You need to Know about the Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer is a small insect that burrows its offspring deep inside ash trees and then the larva eat their way out as they develop into adults. They are bright green in color and roughly the size of a penny when they are full-grown. They were recently detected in Boulder County and have caused severe devastation to many of the ash trees around the city and county of Boulder.

While all of us here at Lawn Doctor, take this issue seriously, we want our customers to know that it has not yet arrived in the Fort Collins area.

Should I be worried?
The answer is yes and no. No, the Emerald Ash Borer has not yet arrived in Larimer County, and it could take years before it gets here. It is currently only in Boulder county and the surrounding area and is predicted to head south toward Denver.

Yes, it is advantageous to show a little concern. It will probably show its nasty green head in our area at some point. So it is good to be aware of it. However, you do not need to treat your trees until the pests get within a 15-mile radius of your property. As of now, treatment is not recommended.

Do I need to treat my trees now?
No. Treating your trees now is not recommended. Some tree companies may try to upsell by convincing you to spray now. According to CSU, spraying your trees at this time is simply not the best action. If this changes, we will keep you up to date. Despite the current hold off, there are many things you can do to get your trees are as healthy and prepared as possible when they Emerald ash borers do arrive.

Aren’t I Already Treating for Ash Borer?
Many Fort Collins residents are already treating their trees for the common lilac ash borer. This ash borer is yellow in color and reproduces in the same manner as the emerald ash borer. Unlike the emerald ash borer, the lilac ash borer is already in Fort Collins and feeds on a variety of different plants. We currently have control plans in effect for these insects for many of our customers, and you are probably treating for this pest. Lilac ash borer treatment is not the same, so if emerald ash borer symptoms do show up in your area you will need to treat for it as well.

What can I do to protect my Ash Trees?
A healthy tree is a resilient tree. The best thing you can do to protect the trees and shrubs on your property is to make sure they are healthy and thriving now before a significant threat arrives. On a basic level, you will want to ensure that your trees have proper nutrition and hydration. We offer deep root feeding and watering and are a great addition to your spring maintenance.

Current infestations and diseases can also weaken your trees and make them more susceptible to the Emerald ash borer once it heads north. If your trees are not doing their best, our certified arborists can inspect, treat and improve your trees.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to call and ask our staff can give you detailed answers.

It’s Nice Outside, So Get Out There and Start Taking Care of Those Trees

It’s the season we have all been waiting for. The wind has died down, the sun has come out, and the temperatures are rising. Are you trees ready for it? Whether your trees have leaves or needles, there a few things you need to know to make sure that your tall bark- covered inhabitants thrive in the Colorado sun.

Trees Need Food and Water Too

Most of us aerate and irrigate our lawns. We meticulously time each watering for optimal absorption and happily apply nutrients to our lawns; yet, your trusty trees often get neglected. Because we live out here on the prairie, our rain patterns are not inductive for large trees because of lack of water. This is why the only naturally occurring trees out here grow along creek sides, ditches and other water sources. We recommend getting a deep root watering from us in the spring.

While you are down in the roots also give your trees some extra nutrition. A deep root feeding is a great way to get vital nutrients straight to where your trees need them most. You can watch it thrive and grow all season long.

It is Time for a Trim and a Checkup.

At Lawn Doctor, we call early summer pruning season. This is the perfect time for you to schedule us in when the pruning is optimal. We have more open spaces now than we will later so call now to make sure you get the right time for your trees and your schedule.

As your trees, bud out our arborists can get a clear few of your tree and its health. We can check for fungus, diseases, pests and other issues. If we find any, we can help you find the right solutions and tips to return it to optimal health. So do not forget to make your appointment today.

Hold Perfect Backyard BBQs with Fort Collins Lawn Care

Everything is ready to go. You have the brats, the beer, the burgers and all of their fixings. The grill is roaring, your friends are on their way over and you can’t wait to show off your barbecuing prowess.  As you set up the lawn chairs and picnic tables have you checked out your lawn? All of a sudden bare spots, crunchy dry areas, weeds and even a few lawn bugs have come right into focus. Next time avoid this embarrassment with quality Fort Collins lawn care.

Lawn Doctor Fort Collins has a huge variety of care options so that you will have a stunning, soft lawn, for all of your guests at your next summer shin-dig. Our experts can find each trouble area and then treat it so that you can expect a flawless lawn. Check out our fantastic services page to see what we can do for your grass so that you can get back to worrying about your grill and your guests.

Pruning is Essential for Fort Collins Tree Care

As the storm clouds roll in and the thunderheads build in the late afternoons over the eastern plains, we know that summer has come to the Northern Front Range.  While dynamic storms are a hallmark of the summer landscape, high winds and hail can be extra damaging for your trees, especially those that are weak from lack of pruning.  Fortify your trees with proper Fort Collins tree care from Lawn Doctor.

On a basic level, pruning improves the shape and appearance of the tree and can prevent dangerous branch breaks on your home or other structures. In addition, regular pruning can greatly improve the health of your trees. By removing dead, weak, frayed or overgrown areas, your trees will be able to put more energy into keeping branches strong, giving you a tree that is more resilient to pests, diseases and Colorado’s challenging weather.

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