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Is it time to schedule your Fall Aeration?

August is upon us; the kids are going to back to school, the parents are cheering, and the warm-weather-lovers are preparing to mourn the arrival of cooler temperatures. For lawn owners out there, this means getting your grass ready for the winter. For many of you, that means picking up your phone, calling us, and scheduling your aeration. Here are few questions to ask to see if your yard needs Fall aeration.

1. Did you forget to aerate last spring?
If this is the case, then your lawn is going to miss getting all of the necessary nutrients and moisture that can only penetrate loose, supple soil. So if you forgot to do it in the Spring, make sure you do it in the Fall.

2. Do you live in an arid climate with clay as your soil base?
You live in Colorado – so the answer is yes. Aeration is key to combating compaction. With our dry, hard, clay –filled soil, your lawn needs all the help it can get to establish root bases, build thatch, and retain water and nutrients.

3. What kind of grass do you have?
The grasses listed below do best if they are aerated in the Fall. If you aren’t sure what kind of grass you have, give us a call. Our staff can help you figure out what your lawn is made of. You’ll need to schedule an appointment if you have any of these:

• Kentucky Blue

• Rye Grass

• Fescue

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then call us today so you can set up your appointment. We can make sure your grass is healthy and lush when Spring arrives in 2015!

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