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It’s Nice Outside, So Get Out There and Start Taking Care of Those Trees

It’s the season we have all been waiting for. The wind has died down, the sun has come out, and the temperatures are rising. Are you trees ready for it? Whether your trees have leaves or needles, there a few things you need to know to make sure that your tall bark- covered inhabitants thrive in the Colorado sun.

Trees Need Food and Water Too

Most of us aerate and irrigate our lawns. We meticulously time each watering for optimal absorption and happily apply nutrients to our lawns; yet, your trusty trees often get neglected. Because we live out here on the prairie, our rain patterns are not inductive for large trees because of lack of water. This is why the only naturally occurring trees out here grow along creek sides, ditches and other water sources. We recommend getting a deep root watering from us in the spring.

While you are down in the roots also give your trees some extra nutrition. A deep root feeding is a great way to get vital nutrients straight to where your trees need them most. You can watch it thrive and grow all season long.

It is Time for a Trim and a Checkup.

At Lawn Doctor, we call early summer pruning season. This is the perfect time for you to schedule us in when the pruning is optimal. We have more open spaces now than we will later so call now to make sure you get the right time for your trees and your schedule.

As your trees, bud out our arborists can get a clear few of your tree and its health. We can check for fungus, diseases, pests and other issues. If we find any, we can help you find the right solutions and tips to return it to optimal health. So do not forget to make your appointment today.

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"We have been a Lawn Doctor customer for five years. The Lawn Doctor staff is professional, friendly, and provides the absolute best care and service. Our lawn is beautiful, our trees are perfectly pruned and shaped, and the perimeter pest control has wiped out the spiders in our home. Thanks to Lawn Doctor – we now have a beautiful landscape, and more time to just enjoy it!"
- The Grants, Fort Collins

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