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Loosen Up: How to Conquer Our Compact, Low Nutrient, Fort Collins Soil.

grassColoradoans are tough as nails. We face lack of oxygen, thunderstorms, blizzards, heat, wind and out-of- towners who don’t know how to drive in the snow. Right now, our soil is as tough as we are. While this might sound manly and strong, it’s actually quite problematic for our lawns.

For those of us here in Fort Collins and across the Front Range, thick, low nutrient soil is a constant headache for homeowners.  After several years of drought in 2011, 2012 and now continuing into this year, the soil is worse for wear than normal. The clay has hardened more than usual and seems like concrete in some places. This compact soil makes it challenging for your lawn to penetrate the ground and establish the essential root system it needs to survive and stay beautiful.

No matter how tough your clay is, you can give your grass’s roots  a fighting chance with regular aeration. We recommend getting a core aeration treatment every year in the fall and spring. Since spring arrived so late this year, there is still time to get it done before the summer season is in full swing.

 Because of Colorado’s tough ground, most nutrients and water run off or evaporate instead of seeping in and improving the soil’s nutrient level.   Now that you have loosened the soil itself, improve its nutrient levels by treating it with one of our maintainer programs. This helps your grass improve an essential thatch base and adds beneficial organic matter and nutrients to your soil. Both of these virtues will help the lawn can stay healthy, even as the drought season persists.

With a core aeration service and maintainer treatment your soil will be a rich and healthy environment for your lawn. It will grow soft and green, making the perfect place for us tough Coloradans to come home to.      

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