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Mowing Tips for Impeccable Fort Collins Lawn Care

Mowing falls in right behind watering as an essential part of Fort Collins lawn care. Mowing correctly not only gives your home and yard a sharp clean look, it also is incredibly beneficial for your lawn. Mowing regularly can prevent diseases and weeds from infecting your grass. It also allows for beneficial thatch build up and root development.

Make sure your grass is between 2 and 2 ½ inches in length. This height allows your grass to photosynthesize at its optimum level. As the mercury in the thermometer rises, leave your grass a little bit longer than this so that more water can be trapped within the lawn itself. When you are mowing, you will want to ensure that your blades are sharp.  Sharp blades leave a crisp look and cut better allowing the grass to heal faster after each trimming. For blade sharpening, mower repair and other tips check out our mowing page.

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"We have been a Lawn Doctor customer for five years. The Lawn Doctor staff is professional, friendly, and provides the absolute best care and service. Our lawn is beautiful, our trees are perfectly pruned and shaped, and the perimeter pest control has wiped out the spiders in our home. Thanks to Lawn Doctor – we now have a beautiful landscape, and more time to just enjoy it!"
- The Grants, Fort Collins

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