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Prunning for a Picture Perfect Summer

You may be wondering why Alan, Hunter and the rest of our certified Arborists and technicians are loading up the trucks and working out and around your neighborhood. The answer is simple, late spring, and early summer is the ideal time for corrective, proactive and attractive pruning.

“Why would you trim this time of year?” You might ask, “Aren’t the limbs heavy from all of those leaves and all that water?” The truth is yes, the limbs are heavy; however, there are many advantages to trimming this time of year. First and most obvious is that as the summer goes into full swing, it is easy to spot dead, damaged or diseased limbs and remove them before they cause any more problems.

The next reason to trim now ties directly to the issue of water. As Arborists, we can resolve structural issues by doing corrective pruning. This pruning redirects the trees internal water flow away from a sick part of the tree and helps the healthy part flourish and grow.

 Combat the Bugs

Trees heal faster and are less susceptible to floating mold spores, fungi, bugs and other diseases in the late spring and summer, than in the winter when they go dormant. Thus, trimming them at this time of year allows the cuts to heal and lets your trees face the cold armored, healthy and ready to go.

Picture Perfect

Since early summer is the time of year for backyard BBQs, garden parties and a lot of outside sun worshipping. Getting your trees pruned now will let all of your guests enjoy your trees safely while noting that they glow with health. What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

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"We have been a Lawn Doctor customer for five years. The Lawn Doctor staff is professional, friendly, and provides the absolute best care and service. Our lawn is beautiful, our trees are perfectly pruned and shaped, and the perimeter pest control has wiped out the spiders in our home. Thanks to Lawn Doctor – we now have a beautiful landscape, and more time to just enjoy it!"
- The Grants, Fort Collins

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