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Set It and Forget It with our Annual Maintainer Program

Stand out from those dingy, brown Colorado lawns and make your neighbors green with envy when you use Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins to keep your lawn happy and healthy. Our Maintainer Program is specially designed for Fort Collins’ unpredictable weather, heavy clay soils and high altitude climate.

Personalized Sessions

Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins‘ Maintainer Program comes with 5 personalized sessions. On each visit, one of our certified lawn professionals will come out and make sure that your lawn achieves maximum health with a variety of grass-type and season-specific treatments. These maintainer treatments help your lawn stay green and healthy as well as weed and pest free. Treatments are best if they are dispersed March through October, making your yard the talk of the neighborhood for the entire growing season. Check out each of our five applications below.

Maintainer Applications

We recommended all five of these applications for the best possible lawn. However, we can mix and match to fit your exact needs. Call us today and we can set up a schedule that is tailored specifically for your lawn and your budget.

  • Granular fertilizer for spring green up
  • Weed control applied as needed, weather permitting
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control

The first green shoots have come up, and the winter snows are headed out (we hope). Time for your first application. Like all of our treatments, this comes with a granular fertilizer and a pre-emergent perfect for greening up your lawn fast, improving root development and helping your lawn retain water all season long. It also includes pest and weed control as needed so you can prevent invasions way before they start.

This spring application is an excellent way to get your yard looking great for those first spring parties and Easter egg hunts. It is also an effective way for your lawn to get the most out of those cool temperatures and spring storms.

  • Granular fertilizer for color and increased turf density.
  • Weed control appilied as needed.
  • Insect control as needed.

Summer is only a few weeks down the calendar, and it’s time for your second application. This session focuses on improving turf density and getting your lawn ready for Colorado’s long, hot summer. It includes granular fertilizer and pest and weed control-if our professionals deem it necessary.

  • Granualar fertilizer blended for weather conditions.
  • Weed control as needed.
  • Insect ontrols as needed.

Your yard will be ready for those backyard barbecues after your summer maintainer application. Whether it is a hot, dry summer or a wet, cool one, we have specially blended fertilizer for any weather trend and, as always, we will hold those bugs and weeds at bay.

  • Granual fertilizer balanced for weather conditions and revocery from summer stress.
  • Weed control as needed.
  • Insect control as needed.

August and September can be some of the driest months here on the Front Range. Your lawn will have the muscle to power through even the most extreme heat, dry weather and watering restrictions with a late summer application of our summer blended fertilizer. We will also do weed and pest control as needed.

  • Heavy rate of fertilizer for root development and winter stresses on turf.
  • Weed control weather permitting.

As the leaves change and you break out your favorite sweater, your lawn is getting ready to go dormant. Our fall program is available to get it ready for the long winter. Heavy winter fertilizer from Lawn Doctor Fort Collins is perfect for keeping those roots strong and your grass hardy. We also control the last of the season’s bugs and weeds so you have a strong, well maintained lawn ready to take on the icy Colorado snow and wind.

We Don’t Stop With Just Lawns

Our maintainer programs go way beyond grass. In fact, any of our visits can also include many other services as well; such as insect and disease control for your trees and shrubs, deep root feeding and pruning. We also can take care of your aeration and  treatments that keep weeds and bugs out of the xeriscaped sections of your lawn. Peruse our services to see which ones can help you stay green.

From Our Clients

"We have been a Lawn Doctor customer for five years. The Lawn Doctor staff is professional, friendly, and provides the absolute best care and service. Our lawn is beautiful, our trees are perfectly pruned and shaped, and the perimeter pest control has wiped out the spiders in our home. Thanks to Lawn Doctor – we now have a beautiful landscape, and more time to just enjoy it!"
- The Grants, Fort Collins

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