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Tips for a Picture Perfect Lawn as You Head Back to School

As new school year is under way and the first day off fall is almost here, most of us are now planning what to do to celebrate the end of summer, and who doesn’t love a BBQ? Food preparation aside, we should never forget the most important aspect of hosting a cookout – our lawns. Your BBQ favorites may be the stars of the day, but how will you enjoy them if you do not have a good-looking lawn to match? We have listed some tips to help you get a picture-perfect lawn before the first school bell rings.

Keep It Clean!

The number one rule for a picture-perfect lawn is to keep it clean! No matter how nice your lawn looks, if it’s full of debris, it’s useless. Something as simple as removing any fallen sticks and leaves will keep your lawn looking clean and presentable.

Water It Up!

Vibrant green should be the color of the majority of your lawn. It makes your grass look more alive, thus making it picture-perfect. Proper watering helps your lawn achieve this look, so make sure to keep it from getting too dry. Also, do not forget to water your lawn efficiently to conserve water, saving you money and protecting the environment.

Fertilize It!

Aside from watering your lawn properly, you need to keep the grass healthy by giving it fertilizer. Now is the best time to do it. Be sure to spread the fertilizer evenly. Feel free to consult one of our experts if you aren’t sure what kind to use or how much to apply.

A Touch of Color

As much as you want your lawn to look vibrantly green, adding other colors to the mix will not hurt. As the colors change, think about adding corn husks, pumpkins and other fall fun to your lawn, giving an extra smile to anyone who sees it.

Proper maintenance of your lawn will not only make it picture-perfect, but will also ensure that everyone will enjoy those BBQs before the snows start to fall. Let us help you get your lawn looking its best; call us today!

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