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To Powerrake or not to Powerrake, That is the Question!

Power Raking dog

The short answer is “NO”.

I certainly understand the urge to get out there and get rid of all that dead brown grass that is smothering your lawn.  Your first instinct may be to rent a power rake or take a metal fixed-tined bow rake to the lawn yourself.  Though well-intended, tearing up the lawn with a heavy rake in the early spring will do more harm than good. The grass is sending out young sprouts as it comes out of dormancy. A heavy raking can damage these tender young shoots and actually delay the greening of the lawn.

A better option is to go over the lawn with a regular leaf rake. This will loosen up some of the matted-down grass and remove some of the dead leaf blades from the lawn.  Your first mowing of the year will also help remove some of the brown and let the green show through.

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