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What We Can Learn From Bindweed: How to Drought Proof Your Lawn Using Lessons From One Pretty, But Downright Ruthless Plant

Drought-proof your lawn using lessons from Bindweed

Drought-proof your lawn using lessons from Bindweed

This member of the morning glory family can look lovely growing up chain link fences and mailboxes, it’s pretty pink and white flowers turning delicately upward; but if it sinks its deep seeded roots into your lawn, this pretty face becomes a monster.  It loves preying on under managed, drought stressed lawns and can be hard to eradicate.  However, this almost blood thirsty little plant can teach homeowners a lot about how to take care of their lawns during a heavy drought.

Get Rid of Those Bare Patches

Like many other weeds, bindweed is vain.  It likes to be the center of attention and it hates competition. If you have a thick, lush, healthy lawn, it will crowd out bindweed and other weeds and prevent them from spreading. It is crucial to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. One of the ways to do this is to prevent and cover up bare spots. Aerating compacted, heavily used areas will help the grass fill in and recover faster.  A thick healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds.

Mow Regularly

Bindweed relies on a deep and extensive root system to thrive. Mow regularly to prevent its roots from forming. Mow frequently enough so that you are removing no more than one third of the leaf blade. Leave the clippings as they return valuable nutrients to the soil. Contrary to popular belief, clippings are not the main cause of thatch. Keep your grass between 2 ½ and 3 inches long throughout the growing season.   Proper mowing can also help you manage and avoid turf grass weeds like foxtail, barnyard grass and crabgrass.

Water right

Fort Collins is already facing Level One water restrictions, but this doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your water to create a healthy lawn and knock out weed problems. It is better to do a thorough watering a couple of times a week, than it is to water a little bit every day. Make sure your sprinkler system covers your entire lawn and waters it evenly.  This not only creates strong grass that leaves little room for bindweed to grow, it also cuts down on other water hogs like dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.

Ask an expert

Even with all of these measures, knocking out bindweed or any other weed problem can be a major challenge and drought conditions can make it even worse. Sometimes it is best to call for help. Lawn Doctor’s professionals understand all of bindweed’s weak points and understand that it, like all weeds, behaves differently depending on the season and the conditions. We can help you say goodbye to bindweed and other weed problems with our extensive control options and impeccable know how.

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